24 Ton Tender
Here are a few of the HAYS Standards included on EVERY HAYS Tender that set us apart.

  • Extra Payload
  • Greater Slope on Hoppers
  • Hydraulic Operated Main Doors and
         Clean Out Doors
  • Hydraulic Vibrators
  • Covered Hydraulic Hoses
  • Covered Air Tank and ABS Systems
  • HUTCH Cast Suspension System
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Easy Disassemble and Reassemble
  • Integrated Hopper Cradle and Trailer Assembly
  • Poly Fenders
  • Front and Rear Ladders
  • Stainless Steel Augers and Bearings
  • Agri Cover Tarp System
  • Central Lube System
  • Our goal is to work hand in hand with you to offer the best equipment at the best price with unmatched service. We believe serving our customer is the key to success.

    For more information on our Small Tender, download our online brochure here.
    Check out our Hays Advantages to see why our Tender is set apart from the rest.

    For more information and safety features:Download Manual


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