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People, relationships, and service matter most at HAYS-LTI. We enjoy creating relationships with our customers from all over the U.S.A. Whether you are buying, renting or rebuilding equipment, HAYS-LTI feels they have something to offer, including quality built equipment that is competitively priced, dedicated service and friendship.


Ray Hays


Ray Hays has spent the past 50 years working in the Agriculture Industry. In 1970 he began his own business manufacturing fertilizer-hauling equipment. The heart and success of his business is family, friendship, relationship and generosity. He goes above and beyond and always gives with no expectations. He believes we can never out give God and that people are more important than any other thing. What he began as one man’s dream to have his own business has turned into a family run business that supports 50 families. He is loved and cherished by his family, friends and employees. Ray and Kay had four children. Two of the four, Donna and Ronald, followed his footsteps in the family business and the other two, Lynn and Shari, are in education. When Kay passed away he re-married and did his version of “retirement”, which means he comes to work every day and with the help of his wife, Janice, travels nationwide, works all trade shows, visits customer after customer. He sincerely enjoys expressing appreciation to his customers and friends, giving out kindness, a fun story, handshakes and pecan pies.

Email: rayhays@camillaga.net


Ronald Hays


Ronald and his wife, Carrol, have two children, Matthew and Hannah. Since a very young age, Ronald, worked side by side with his Dad, Ray. Ronald co-owns and operates HAYS-LTI in Camilla, GA. Ronald is the designer of all equipment manufactured by HAYS-LTI. He listens to the needs and concerns of our customers and designs equipment that is user friendly and efficient. Ronald’s love for the family business and day to day management led HAYS~LTI to be named the 2012 Mitchell County Company of the Year and the 2013 State nominee for Manufacturer of the Year.Ronald's eye for detail and perfection coupled with his generosity and heart to serve makes Hays LTI successful.

Email: ronaldhays@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-6900


Donna Hays Stewart


Donna and her husband Jimmy, have one daughter, Kiley. Since a very young age, Donna has been involved with the financial side of HAYS-LTI. With the help of her mother, Kay, Donna learned the basics of managing the company finances. This sparked her interest and her love for the family business. She is the co-owner and Secretary/Treasurer of HAYS-LTI. Donna also manages HAYS-LTI’s Rental Fleet of over 500 units. Her attention to detail and heart for relationships has built up the customer base that you see today at HAYS-LTI.

Email: donnastewart@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-6901


Jimmy Stewart


Jimmy, married to Donna, also comes from a family business background. Before working at HAYS-LTI, Jimmy retired from a Thirty Five year career in the poultry business. Jimmy had the original vision to begin the Rental Fleet, which initially consisted of two units. His ideas took a fleet of two to a fleet of 500 plus! At HAYS-LTI Jimmy is involved in company sales as well as manufacturing and production.

Email: jimmystewart@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 522-0002


Matt Hays

Sales and Production

Matt graduated from Auburn University in 2015. After graduation he decided to follow in his dad, Ronald's, and grandad, Ray's footsteps and come work for the family business. Matt has spent many summer and winter breaks working at Hays LTI. Matt manages production throughout the plant, product inventory, and represents the southeastern region in sales. Matt attends all Trade Shows and enjoys developing relationships with our customers.

Email: matthays@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-8997


Laura Pinson

Marketing and Sales

Laura is the daughter of Ray’s third child, Lynn. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Prior to graduation she spent many summer and winter breaks helping out around HAYS-LTI. Laura has been a full time employee of HAYS-LTI since 2013. At HAYS-LTI she assists Donna with accounting and handles most of the marketing for the company. Laura is also involved with company sales and customer relations. She is present at most Trade Shows and often travels with her grandfather, Ray Hays, to visit and meet customers.

Email: laurapinson@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-7406


Tim Sanders

Service Fleet Manager

Tim began his career with the Hays family in 1977. Tim became Production Manager when Ronald and Donna took over the company in the late 80’s. Tim’s loyalty to HAYS-LTI and his passion to produce the best equipment he can has been an immeasurable gift for HAYS-LTI. He now serves as Rental Fleet Manager where he is in charge of the distribution and maintenance of over 500 units being used across the United States.

Email: timsanders@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-6101


Dusty Shiver

Sales and Purchasing

Dusty has been employed at HAYS-LTI since 2002. He has spent countless hours traveling with Ray meeting customers and introducing our equipment. He is the leading salesman for HAYS-LTI as well as the head of purchasing. Dusty attends all Trade Shows and works tediously with Ronald to make sure that our customers are receiving the best products and prices on the market. Dusty spends much of his time developing relationships with our customer as well as traveling to meet potential customers and introducing them to the equipment HAYS-LTI has to offer.

Email: dusty@camillaga.net
Cell: (229) 328-6902


Ken Pate


Ken and his wife, Nancy, have been married for over thirty years. They have lived in Cleveland, MS for all of their life. Ken has been involved in the fertilizer industry for over twenty years. His experience in this field has made him a very valuable asset to Hays LTI. Ken is the sales representative for Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Ken travels the Mid South area bringing a warm smile and information about our company and equipment to all customers that he calls on.

Email: kenpate@camillaga.net
Cell: (662) 721-5000


Will Murphy

Production and Design

Will graduated from Southern PolyTechnic State University in 2014 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He has worked at HAYS-LTI since 2013 and has been a full time employee after completing his college degree. Will assists Ronald with drawing and designing the layout and build of our equipment.

Email: willmurphy@camillaga.net


Megan Williams

Marketing and Customer Relations

Megan graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2012 with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She began working at Hays LTI in November 2016 and assists with marketing and customer relations.

Email: meganwilliams@camillaga.net


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P.O. Box 514
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