In addition to quality equipment, we believe SERVICE is the key to the success of our company.

Service Matters

In addition to quality equipment, we believe service is the key to the success of our company. We understand that “downtime” due to equipment failure costs you money. Therefore, we provide on-site service calls to make sure downtime is minimal. We believe in backing up every piece of equipment we manufacture.

Whether it is new equipment, refurbished equipment, or rental, our service is
our commitment to you.

HAYS-LTI strives to not only manufacture quality equipment but to also offer a unbeatable service department ready to meet the needs of their customers. Wear and tear is part of the industry but HAYS-LTI makes a commitment to our customers to provide equipment that stands the test of time. Whether it is rental or sales, the HAYS-LTI service team is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your equipment.

Servicing our equipment includes being stocked with parts and components that support our industry. Hays LTI offers a full line of parts and in most cases same day shipping.

  • Service Matters
  • Service is key to our Success
  • Downtime costs you
  • We understand and offer same day service in most cases
  • On site service call
  • Parts shipped same day as ordered


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