Fertilizer Tender Manufacturers Concerned About Steel Prices, But Optimistic About 2022 Sales – Crop Life Magazine

Take a global pandemic, add a labor shortage, and a supply chain crisis, and it would be easy to understand why manufacturers were worried heading into 2021 and 2022. While they might have some initial concerns, last year’s selling season ended up being a good one, which translated into optimism for 2022.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that no adjustments were made.

“With many uncertainties in the economy this year ranging from inflation, supply chain issues, and soaring steel prices, we anticipated a few bumpy months for our industry, but the opposite has happened,” says Matt Hays, Sales and Production for Hay LTI. “Our customers across the agriculture industry have shown great preparedness in getting orders in early and adjusting budget deadlines to make sure that their operations have the equipment they need.”

What they need; what they’ve been demanding includes safety and versatility…

With soaring fertilizer prices end users expect to quality and reliability.

“Fertilizer prices along with everything else have increased dramatically. Every load of fertilizer that goes out on a tender this year will rely much more on our equipment working correctly and moving these fertilizer products as efficiently as possible,” Hays says. “Our customers can’t afford down time in normal circumstances, and with more money tied into each load, there will be an even greater emphasis on our service team being readily available for any issue that arises with our equipment big or small. We have a great and experienced service team that is prepared to tackle any problems that arise swiftly.”