‘How Hays-LTI Has Kept the ‘Family Feeling’ for Half a Century’ – Crop Life

It was such an honor to be featured by Crop Life. We are so thankful for the opportunity to share about our family business with our friends.

Below is an excerpt, followed by a link to the full article.

How Hays-LTI Has Kept the ‘Family Feeling’ for Half a Century

By Eric Sfiligoj | December 3, 2020

For 50 years now, one of the fixtures in the city of Camilla, GA, has been Hays-LTI. Originally founded in 1970, the company is today well-known for its many agricultural equipment offerings, such as dry fertilizer tenders and liquid tankers, along with exceptional customer service. In addition, says Donna Hays Stewart, one of the Co-Owners and Secretary/Treasurer, Hays LTI customers also appreciate the feeling of family that helps drive the company forward in this day-and-age. 

“If there is one word that best describes Hays as a company today, it would be commitment,” says Stewart. “We not only treat our customers as family, but this sense of commitment runs throughout our company, from the way we treat our employees to the family members that are active in making the business work.” 

A Family Affair

 In truth, it’s no surprise a commitment to family and quality are the best words to describe Hays-LTI. According to Co-Owner/President Ronald Hays, this “family feeling” goes all the way back to when his parents first founded the company. “Ray and Kay Hays started the business back in 1970 manufacturing fertilizer-hauling equipment, but the heart and success of his business was family, friendship, relationship, and generosity,” says Hays. “And this was something that was passed onto all of us kids from the very beginning – but especially after we started getting involved in the business ourselves.