Tennessee Farmer Co-Op Summer Meeting

Who is Tennessee Farmers Cooperative?

Co-op, recognized as one of the strongest federated farm supply cooperative systems in the nation, includes Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC) and the 49 member Co-ops and 27 associate members in neighboring states that own TFC. At the very foundation are the roughly 70,000 farmers who are member-owners of the local Co-ops in their home counties.

Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the Co-op to shop there. Co-op offers quality products for everyone! Some 164 Co-op retail outlets, which operate in 84 of Tennessee’s 95 counties, and across the border in five neighboring states, serve more than half a million customers.

Co-op is a cornerstone in the communities where our retail stores and facilities are located. Co-op is truly your hometown store, locally owned and operated with a well-trained, dedicated staff ready to serve the needs of each and every customer. Because its roots reach back into the soil farmed by its organizers, Co-op always has the best interests of its patrons at heart. And that heritage generates a spirit of cooperation that has molded our system into a closely knit network of individuals and organizations working together for the benefit of the farmers and our other Co-op customers. Co-op is more than a store — it’s a way of life.

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Jul 14 - 16, 2024


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Destin, FL


Tennessee Farmers Co-Op
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